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Take A Trip To A Sixties Cinematheque.

Trilogie De Tragedie

Une Anthologie De Monumentales Pictures

"Meek Marianne"
Trilogie De Tragedie
Starring Tiffani Fest, Blake Fitzpatrick, Andy Gates, Felissa Rose, Gregory Blair, Alexis Iacono, and Scott Kessler.
written, directed, photographed by Blake Fitzpatrick. Produced by Blake Fitzpatrick and Tiffani Fest.

"La Petite Mort"
Trilogie De Tragedie
Starring Tiffani Fest and Peter Loftstrom.
written, produced, directed, photographed by Aaron Burk

"Hollywood Hospitality"
Trilogie De Tragedie
Starring Tiffani Fest, Andrew Mandapat, and Alex Virgo.
written, produced, & directed by Brad Paulson. Photographed by Eric Ragan.

Executive Producing, B-Roll, and Post Production by Blake Fitzpatrick

Music by Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Ted Lewis, Griff Williams, Benny Goodman, Chet Baker, Claude Thornhill.