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Monumental Pictures Interactive

PC Games

Love Gun 2: Knee-Deep in Poon

Step into Bill Clinton's shoes circa 1995 and spread your seed in this free lightweight lampoon of the classic first person shooter where "whitewater" means ammunition as well as controversy!

screenshots (SFW)

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LG2: Knee Deep In Poon
Click here to head over to the mirror and start squirting stuff like Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton!
(50 mb)

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(additional info in the readme.)

It will probably run on a toaster (though not well), however the
Recommended Minimum System Requirements are as follows:
1 Gig RAM
256 MB Graphics Memory
500 Megabytes HDD Space
Compatible Operating Systems:
Doze 98SE, Millennium Edition, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 10.

Sound Card: Any (low end on-boards perfectly acceptable)

questions/comments: thread

In Development

witch hunter

The newest anticipated release from Monumental Pictures Interactive is currently in the "code is being compiled" stage. Roughly translated: it's going to be a while before you'll get to play it.

After your mother is burned at the stake for heresy, the town's head witch-hunter makes you his newest apprentice. As you ride along with him you begin to learn that his motives for persecution are not those of sincerity, but material desire. His true intentions for keeping you close also begin to surface as you start to uncover a hidden past of sorcery in your heritage.
The all new first person shooter/rpg is a spin-off prequel to Blake Fitzpatrick's acclaimed science fiction screenplay "Abaddon." It is currently being coded by the cult film-maker in Python and C++ and will utilize OpenGL and today's top graphics hardware.

Screenshots and updates will be posted periodically as they become available.

'Jesterate' is an online joke generator.
Check it out.

'Evolution' is an interactive forum role playing game in which the story does exactly that which the title suggests at the whim of each user. Because every player is the controller of the tale's universe, it is impossible to summarize or predict where the narrative will head.

If you're already logged in and ready to begin, venture on.
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If you're not a monumental pictures member yet, you can play the game by becoming one.

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