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The Legacy of Satara Silver (AKA Satara Stratton) (General)

by Blake ⌂, Altair IV, Monday, August 07, 2017, 16:41 (201 days ago)

[image]Vibrant, brilliant, and incredibly talented, Satara Silver was a wonder to behold when I first met her at Brad Paulson's L.A. abode.

Her performance in Insignificant Celluloid demands your undivided attention at all times. But, a candle that burns twice as bright also burns twice as fast.

Satara died on February 4, 2017.

She died a victim. Not one from the boulevard of broken dreams. Just another statistic in part of the third largest criminal enterprise in the world just behind drugs. A $30 billion dollar a year industry. An industry that performs most of its business in the United States. A business that crooked cops help operate. And like prohibition, this heinous crime will only get worse if the powers that be continue punishing the victims instead of the ring leaders.

Satara was a victim of human trafficking; slavery. Something that unilaterally is devoid of partisan walls. We pretty much all agree that slavery is wrong. Yet, as of this year, there are far more slaves residing in the United States than there ever were in the antebellum south.

Most of the people who fund the victim's handlers have no idea that they are directly funding forced starvation, brutal beatings, bodily mutilation, and psychological torture that's worse than death. They just think that they are helping out a person down on their luck while receiving something for their money.

In remembrance of Satara, I'm going to watch her in Insignificant Celluloid today. This will be my first viewing of it since we were touring film festivals with it. Though the time that Satara and I were able to share together creating comedy was tragically brief, I'll always have our memories from making the film. And I can always revisit the magic we captured through the movie that we made together.

This is one of the most wonderful things about motion pictures and why I love doing them. Memories are all that we are left with when experiences end. And motion pictures capture time in a bottle.

Editor's note: Insignificant Celluloid (for some reason) does not appear in searches by title on the fireTV stick. In order to access it, typing in any cast or crew member will cause it to appear.

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