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Remington Troy
Abaddon is a sci-fi steam punk adventure unlike anything you've ever witnessed before!
No Hollywood studio would ever have the balls to make this film.

Abaddon tells the story of Remington Troy -
a recently paroled gun runner and pirate from Dargonia in the NGC 1985 Galaxy who agrees to take on one last heist with his girlfrind Linda Lux -
a bounty hunter- in her ship.
While looting an abandoned government carrier cruiser of cannabis, they encounter an ancient enemy-
The Izans -
who took over earth hundreds of years ago.
In the heat of a chase, the two travel through a black hole into the future -
A future where the Izans now control their galaxy.
The two are forced to make a dire choice - become slaves of the system -
or rebel against their oppressors whose leader holds a dark secret.

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