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Monumental Pictures

An ardently outlandish creative force since 1996.

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Trilogie De Tragedie. Art Film. Black and White. 86 Minutes. Now playing in theaters.
Insignificant Celluloid. Comedy. Color. 95 minutes. Now Available on Amazon complete with 17 minutes of special features.
The Death of Hollywood. Film Noir. 89 Minutes. Now available on Amazon complete with special features.
Abaddon. Science Fiction. Color. 96 minutes. In Production.More in production titles.
Love Gun 2 Knee-Deep in Poon.
Love Gun 2 Knee-Deep in Poon. Free full narrative first person shooter with openGL graphics.
What's The Point?
What's The Point? Novel. 202 pages. Now available on Amazon.
Jesterate. An online Joke Generator.
Enjoy. 9 tracks. 58 minutes.
Enjoy. 9 tracks. 58 minutes.
Let Your Id Take Control. 11 tracks.
Let Your Id Take Control. 11 tracks.
Bionic Invasion. Single. 6:10.
Bionic Invasion. Single. 6:10.

        Monumental Pictures is an award winning multimedia production studio whose work has been broadcast on networks such as NBC/Universal.
        It was founded by Blake Fitzpatrick with the intent of creating works of art that are different.

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